The World Turns

It’s been a long journey shaping the site and finding a platform to post things I like but the odd thing about having a website is actually finding that post you really feel needs to be put out there. It’s an odd thing but until I recently went quiet on the forum I’d been visiting for many years I’ve simply not had a great amount of content to think of.

Sometimes life can simply be best experienced watching the entirety of the HBO classic series Oz and playing some Guardian Heroes for short bursts of the purest fun a console can give. Until next time.

2 Weeks: The HDR Update

Well I’ve managed to commit to this site so far. In celebration it’s time to see how HDR fares with a purchase of Deus Ex on the PS4. In the meantime my recommended website for today would have to be:

An awesome collection of UHD, 3D, HDR and various video standard files to download to get that hobbyist urge out of the way when it comes to visual fidelity and getting the most from your entertainment. Enjoy!

Day One: Status Update

That puts an end to my first day with the website. Perhaps I’m forgetting the end goal here but it’s been fun so far. I’ve split categories for posts now so I’m going to add a categories sub-menu for now.



No idea where that came from, my guess: 2004?