The Art of Video Games #4: Shining Force III (Scenario 1)

For every game collection there’s always one that got away. In my case that would be Shining Force 3. The pictured box art is not actually from the version I’ve finally indulged in to add to my collection (possibly down to its stratospheric price) but regardless I am a sucker for its effortless style which evolves directly from Shining in(/and) the darkness.

The Art of Video Games #3: Guardian Heroes


Very recently available to me once more after some unwise decisions of putting older systems to rest Guardian Heroes is a stunning game on all levels with some iconic art as featured here. As with my previous picks there’s a running theme of the game itself matching this level of artistic flair. Play it and then play it some more. This is the perfect quick play after work game. Treat yourself!

The Art of Video Games #2: Odin Sphere


Odin Sphere is one of those title’s I’ve just fallen in love with lately, with its polish shining through I took the gamble on the storybook edition of the game and can’t say I’ve been disappointed. The art of this game stands out by a mile in illustration and in play so it was never going to hurt that this edition of the game came with an art book. Many thanks to that special family member that made this purchase possible.

The Art of Video Games #1: Street Fighter V


Street Fighter has always been a series that excels in game play, music and art but when times are rough and the latest game fell foul of networking issues, content issues and potentially a lack of selectable characters this brilliant piece of art came forward to squash any fears. As with all titles Capcom’s artists are here to stay and I love this piece.